The SGB Sector in 2017

Investing: Global

In 2017, at least 47 new investment vehicles launched with a median target AUM of US $40 million

  • Number of Investment Vehicles Launched
  • Median Target

Investment vehicles qualified for inclusion in this dataset when they met three criteria:

  • The investment target included emerging market countries
  • Target deal sizes were from US $20,000 to US $2 million
  • The focus was not exclusively on microfinance institutions

Of the 47 investment vehicles launched in 2017, 32 percent focus on the information, technology, and communications (ICT) sector and 21 percent are impact oriented. Over 40 percent of newly launched vehicles are willing to consider seed-stage ventures, compared to 29 percent from 2008 to 2012. At first glance it may appear that the number of vehicles launched dropped in 2017. However, the most recent year of data tends to lag due to delays in communications and collection of data. As a result, we cannot say definitively that this represents a true decline in the number of vehicles launched. See more about our methodology.

The proportion of vehicles launched in Asia increased in the past decade of SGB investing

The health sector saw the most growth, and over half of vehicles focus on ICT

Emerging market fundraising and investments were higher in 2017, but early-stage deals declined overall

  • Capital Invested in Deals < $2M (USD M)
  • % Deals $2M and Under

Despite these overall gains, the proportion of emerging market deals under US $2 million decreased to 21 percent with just over 900 deals recorded in 2017. The total capital invested in deals under US $2 million also decreased by 13 percent to US $217 million, despite total emerging market capital invested reaching unprecedented levels of US $48.6 billion, 43 percent higher than in 2016.

In Latin America, the number of deals US $1 million and under fell by 7 percent to 168, but the number of deals between US $250,000 and US $500,000 reached all-time high of 94

  • Deals < US $250,000
  • Deals US $250- US $500,000
  • US $501k- US $1M

Gender Focus

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Gender Focus

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